Harworth Christie Organ Enthusiasts

Original Organ Specification

Pedal Accompaniment Solo
32' Harmonic Bass              
16' Diaphone Tibia Bass 16' Double Diapason Violone 16' Tuba Tibia Bass
        Vox Humana     Violone  
8' Tuba Diapason 8' Tuba Violin Diapason 8' Tuba Violin Diapason
  Tibia Clausa Viola   Tibia Viol d'Orchestre   Tibia Clausa Viol d'Orchestre
  Basson Vox Humana   Clarinet Vox Humana   Clarinet Vox Humana
  Bass Flute     Flute     Flute Saxaphone (Synthetic)
4' Octave   4' Octave Salicet 4' Clarion Octave
        Vox Humana Flute   Viol d'Orchestre Flute
            22/3 Twelfth  
      2' Salicenta   2' Piccolo  
        Chrysoglott Snare Drum 13/8 Tierce  
Second Touch Second Touch  
Bass Drum F Bass Drum P 8' Tuba 8' Tibia   Glockenspeil Carillon
Bass Drum Roll Snare Drum Roll 8' Clarinet     Orchestral Bells  
Triangle Crash Cymbal          

Effects: Crash Cymbal, Boat Whistle, Train Whistle, Bird Whistle,
Telephone Bell, Auto Horn, Siren, Aeroplane

Tremulants: Vox Humana, Tibia, Main

Ventils: Seven - one to each rank

Pre-set Pistons: Eight to each manual - Three to pedal

One Swell Pedal - Cancel bars to each group of stops

Thirteen blank stop keys

Christie Unit Organ Number 2912 built by Hill, Norman & Beard Ltd, London