Harworth Christie Organ Enthusiasts

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are the concerts held and what is the entrance fee?
A: The fourth Sunday of the month, except for July and August (no concert) and December (for Christmas concert check calendar)
    Entrance fees are: Members £7.00; Non Members £8.00

Q: When are dances held and what is the entrance fee?
A: Mostly on the Saturday night prior to a concert (check calendar for details)
    Entrance fee: £6.00 (tickets are bookable from the secretary)

Q: What are the membership fees?
A: Single membership £5.00
    Joint membership £8.00

Q: How are the organists selected?
A: Our concert secretary, scours the country (via the internet!) looking for organists to perform.  This is a very challenging activity and takes up quite a lot of time, particularly as we work up to a 2 years in advance.

If you have any suggestions for organists or entertainers for us to look at we would be only too grateful to hear about them.  Please talk to us at one of the concerts or email us with the details.

All suggestions will be considered, but bear in mind it may be sometime before they appear on the Concert Calendar for the reasons outlined above.

Q: How do I add Diary dates to my Google Calendar?
A:To add a single event: On the calendar on the Home page, click on the event details. Click the link "copy to my calendar". The event will open in Google Calendar, where you can edit it as necessary, then save it. The event will then show up in your personal Google calendar and will be available on any device with access to your calendar.

To add all events: On the calendar on the Home page, just click the + sign at the bottom right.