Harworth Christie Organ Enthusiasts

Assorted images from the Stories of London website by kind permission of the owner

Christie console Collage of the Christie rising on the lift while being prepared for use Collage of various views of the console Collage of differing views of the keyboard and surrounds Collage showing the console decoration Collage of keyboard close-ups Collage of foot pedal  close-ups Memorial plaque to Ken Mason - a founder member The rear of the console Secretary and Concert Secretary in a rare moment of relaxation Collage showing three sets of percussion Collage showing 4 views of relays Concert Secretary sat at the Christie Collage showing three more sets of relays Diapaison, Vox Humana, Clarinet Pipes Collage Diapaison and Tibia Pipes Collage Assorted Ranks Collage 1 Assorted Ranks Collage 2 Assorted Ranks Collage 3 Vox Humana, Flute, Diapaison Pipes and Triangle, Tambourine, Sleigh Bells etc Collage Wind Chests Collage